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With more than two decades of experience as a music producer and sound engineer, Ricardo López has forged a career marked by his commitment to excellence and professionalism in the field of sound.

Recognized in the music, film, television and advertising industries, Ricardo has become an undisputed reference in the world of sound.

During his career, he has collaborated with renowned advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett, DDB Colombia, McCann Erickson, Jaime Uribe y Asociados, Young & Rubicam, Sancho BBDO, Rep Grey, TBWA Colombia, Lowe SSP3, as well as with prominent production companies such as Colombo Films , Lamuvi Films, Direktor Films, Akira, Los Notarios, Whiskey Films, PS Films, and television channels such as Nat-Geo, People and Arts, Fox Telecolombia.

Large brands such as Sodimac Colombia, Pepsi, Renault, Colgate Palmolive, Unilever, Nestlé, General Motors, Marca Colombia and the Ministry of Health have trusted the experience of Ricardo López to guarantee the quality of their sound in their advertising campaigns and television productions.

Among his most notable achievements is his collaboration in the production of the musical band Járanatambó's fifth album, "Tiempo", as well as the vinyl release of his sixth album, "Vinyl". Additionally, in association with the Mayor's Office of Bogotá, he carried out the successful electronic music festival "Sonarrecords Electrónico", which had its first online edition during the time of the pandemic.

Ricardo López has taken his talent to international stages, participating in the Womex Festival, where he has represented the best of Colombian music before the European music industry.

His excellence has been recognized with several awards at renowned festivals such as Fiap, Cannes Lion, El Ojo de Iberoamérica, Clio Awards, among others, highlighting his unique ability as a sound engineer and music producer.

This year, after a consolidated career, Ricardo López presents his long-awaited debut album "Why not?", a work of progressive electronic music built during the pandemic period. This work, which highlights his skill as a sound engineer, represents Ricardo's commitment and passion for communicating through music.



Músico compositor de la Universidad de Los Andes ha trabajado con Caracol TV, Canal trece, Foxtelecolombia, Rcn en producciones como Pandilla guerra y paz , la quiero a morir, el encantador, Pocholo, juego limpio, vuelo 1503, en la cocina con Leo Gourmet, Sin Retorno así como con Les films du large en Francia componiendo la Música de documentales como Sara, Neyda, Teresa y las otras con proyecciones en más de 20 Países y En Route vers les JMJ, Lisbonne 2023. Creador del Proyecto Járanatambó con el que ha publicado 6 álbumes ganando premios de composición en Usa en el ISC en 4 Oportunidades y ha hecho giras en Europa, Usa y Latinoamérica. Dos nominaciones en los premios India Catalina 2024 en Sonorización y musicalización con el documental de Cuadrilleros Orgullo y legado.

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