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equipo de sonido


We are a Record Label with a trend in electronic music and in the World Beat genre. Our products are focused on vinyl pressing and national and international distribution, representation of artists, consultancies, generators of artistic musical content.


We also have the Sonar Records Electronic Festival in the first edition-online face-to-face, focused on national and international DJs of electronic music.


Mix and Mix 5.1

We perform stereo and 5.1 mixes for media such as TV, cinema, radio, theater and audiovisual media in general.

Digital Distribution

Distribution in more than 60 platforms and 190 countries.


Vinyl and cassette distribution


We do mastering for digital platforms, vinyl, cds, cassettes and video.


Musical production

We perform musical composition, production, recording and mixing of different genres of music.


Artistic consultancies

We carry out consultancies in field production and music production such as events, tours, press, etc.

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